Run-down in a construction industry certainly helped to sellers of cheap, often not very good quality and unattractive solution. That is a pity, because the plexiglas is an elegant accessory in the interior, as furniture, railing filling, door shelters and etc. We have also decided to realize a stairs made of plexiglas, which looks really elegant and modern. We enjoy doing nice things a lot.

Pre-fill of railings on the terrace of one of Prague's houses are adorned with smoked plexiglas arches. Plexiglas is fully possible to be used outdoors.

By vacuum degassing and cutting to size it is possible to produce roof parapets as well. This way, we realized lofts for gas pumps of a company JET.

We also cooperate on projects connected with interiors furnishing/equipping, and we supply custom-made components according to the requirements. These luxurious interiors are designed and created by Mr. Jiri Radocha.

In the most modern water park in the Czech Republic you can see and try slides with plexiglas tube part, which is located high above the ground. Equipment of our manufacturing areas has given us an opportunity to realize such a project.