laser cutting

Currently we owe two modern and powerful lasers with a large table surface. They are fully adapted to the usage of laser to plexiglas material. We are able to laser plexiglas thickness up to the thickness of 40-50 mm. When so strong plexiglas lasering it is necessary to bear in mind that a lasing edge may be slightly chamfered (the difference between the lower and the upper edge may be for example within the millimetre different). The best is to laser plexiglass up to a thickness of 25 mm.

Since we own the most modern plexiglas laser, we are able to offer you "burnouts" with processed edges of very high quality.

Engraving by laser

Both our lasers are well designed for Plexiglas material engraving. Compared to sandblasting is possible to achieve a much higher quality. Engraving is uniform on the surface, it is possible to set several levels of engraving power and indicate the “colour” of engraved logo or text (this principle reminds converting a colour image to a black and white – it is similar to the engraving result on plexiglass).

The edge after the use of laser is emotionally good-looking - shiny and in most cases need no further polishing.