Blow out is a type of material processing, during which are forming the dome shapes with help of air pressure. Our firm has modern facilities and long experience in blow out. During years, we have already created thousands of domes and lenses, which are used for various purposes.

We can blow out dome shape made of plexiglas (PMMA), full polycarbonate (PC) and material (PET-G). However, most often is used cast plexiglas, which has the best properties for blowing out.

Blown out of hemispheres made of plexiglas:

Hemisphere with/without a rim can be processed from 60 mm up to 1800 mm outer diameter !!

According to the requirements, we are able to produce almost any diameter between the aforementioned dimensions. The only limitation is the height of the hemisphere, which should not exceed a half of the diameter.

E.g. outer hemisphere diameter is 1000 mm = hemisphere height is 500 mm.

Lenses blown out:

Lenses are substantially similar to a hemisphere, the only difference is that the overall height is lower, so it forms a lenticular shape.