Polycarbonate (PC)

Full polycarbonate sheets resemble by their appearance to plexiglas sheets, but their characteristics differ from plexiglas. Thanks to its high translucency, smooth surface and the fact that they are almost unbreakable these sheets are widely used in various branches - in the interior and exterior ones. The sheets of thickness from 2 mm are equipped by double-sided UV protection, which ensures to the material its stable properties for years, even at extreme temperatures from -100 ° C to + 120 ° C.

Full polycarbonate sheets are heat-resistant nd non-burning by themselves - hardly inflammable, they are classified in category C1. Therefore, polycarbonate finds its use in areas where it is not possible to use plexiglas or other plastic sheets.

The fact, that polycarbonate is unbreakable is its essential characteristics of the material and therefore it is commonly used in connection with machine tools in the form of covering elements and protective windows in sliding door. Typical are also applications against vandalism, to protect the operator when working with a machine, hitting police shields or are used to replace an original construction solution for unbreakable one etc.

The only disadvantage of full polycarbonate sheets, among the other excellent properties, is their lower scratch resistance. Internal hardness of the material is smaller than hardness of plexiglas and therefore scratcher and cuts can be seen earlier than in plexiglas variants. However, there are also variations of full polycarbonate sheets with anti-scratch proofing, which substantially eliminate a surface damage/scratches of the sheet during their use.


  • Easy and variable processability
  • Extreme resistance to cracking
  • High clarity and full transparency
  • High temperature resistance
  • The possibility of cold bending

In stock we normally holds a sufficient quantity of full polycarbonate sheets which are in thickness from 0.7 mm to 15 mm.