We are one of the suppliers with complete facilities for molding and vacuum degassing. Currently, we have three devices for molding in combination with vacuum degassing in total. For heating of the molded material we use infra-tubes or slotted furnaces. e are effectively able to produce and deliver any quantity of pressed products in different sizes.

In the vast majority, for pressing we mainly use products made of plexiglas, however we are also experienced in molding of PET-G and polycarbonate materials.

Our standard is also other treatment of pressed parts - trimming and possibly subsequent adjustments of the pressed parts.

Pressing is not a matter of momentary. It is necessary to consult technological possibilities of molding with our technicians, who will, according to the sent data, check molding options, and he/she may point to potential risks or necessary adjustments of the shape (an example can be molded parts, which are not possible to take out of from the form after cooling of the material.