If the application by laser is not suitable, we use milling option. By CNC milling it is possible to create vertical and straight edges even in the materials of larger thickness (30, 40, 60 mm or more). Milling is also irreplaceable in cases we need to create typical features on the components as following:

  • Rebates
  • Blind holes
  • Threads
  • Conical or cylindrical recess

Milling also enables to create holes at an angle, 3D-shapes or alter the thickness of the material.

For simpler shapes and parts, we use hand milling with the help of hand tools with copying milling cutters. By this way are usually copied the products that have already been finished if their drawing into an electronic form is problematic. Mostly it is connected with processing of individual pieces of components that already exists, such as the various divides and closures with rounding etc.

During a long time of our growth, we have gained a lot of rewarding experience with milling of Plexiglas and polycarbonate material. We are very well equipped in connection with the used tools as well. To achieve a high surface quality after milling we use mainly diamond tools.

Currently the products are processed mainly on CNC milling centre HAAS VF4-SS and on a large portal-milling machine ANDI Stratos.