Plexiglas and polycarbonate cutting are some of the elemental operations of these materials processing. “Rough” formatting of the material or more precise cutting we can perform with no difficulty. We have several formatting saws of various sizes so that we can cut up to a maximum size 3050x2050 mm of the sheet material.

For materials cutting, we use special slitting disk with special edge grinding, which ensure that the cut edge is not burned-in or chipped.

Cut edge of the material is characterized by its rotary saw marks. In case that the appearance of the edge discourage its use - aesthetics, we recommend you to polish the material edge.

Cutting the material while you wait:

Our customer service is a cut of the material made-to-measure. In our warehouses at the office in Ždánice we always have a material of a thickness 1-40 mm, measure 2 x 3 meters in a wide range of colours and we would love to format it to the desired size in a few minutes for you.