Polyester (PET-G)

PET-G is a label of co-polyester sheets of extruded polyethylene-tereftalate glycol (PETG). PET-G sheets are suitable for internal and external use (in case of plates with UV protection). Since the sheets are manufactured by extrusion method, they are usually available in clear, opal milky or coloured design.


Sheets are characterized by good optical properties and a shining surface. They are easily machined and formed, and have excellent properties, even at low temperatures Other important characteristics of PET-G is its high chemical and impact resistance. It meets all the current legislation requirements and can be in a direct contact with unwrapped food (this does not apply to UV stable version).

  • Easy pressure forming without drying
  • Excellent properties even at low temperatures
  • Low water absorption
  • Easy to recycle
  • High impact resistance


  • Bus stops
  • Billboards glazing
  • Covers for equipment/devices
  • Packaging for medical devices
  • Outdoor display cases and signs
  • Fridges and equipment for freezer rooms
  • Protective helmets on bike
  • Boxes for food
  • Lenticular graphics
  • Light controllers for hazardous workplaces

The PET-G sheets are easy to handle.
PET-G sheets are easy to cut, grind, sharpen, laser cut, mill, cold/hot bend, glue, coat with paint, mechanically polish or hot form.
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Ohýbaný kryt z PET-G