To achieve greater aesthetic appearance of your products, we recommend to polish the edges or processing marks. We can offer polishing of the following examples:

  • Cut egde polishing by diamond or their hand polishing
  • Chamfer edges polishing, facet, roundness
  • Rebates and holes polishing
  • Contact joints
  • Flame polishing or chemical polishing
  • Surface polishing or damaged surfaces polishing

For edges polishing, we mainly use diamond polishers. For cases of edges polishing at an angle, chamfer and other facets we are also equipped with a diamond polisher BERMAQ, which enables these kind of operations up to thickness of 100 mm.

Our technicians are always able to offer the optimal choice of technology to achieve the desired gloss.

leštička bermaq leštění plexiskla diamantem

Polishing by BERMAQ and CLARKE polisher:

leštička clarke leštíme plexisklo  

Demonstration and comparison of possible material edgework.

řezaná hrana plexiskla hrana leštěná diamantem hrana plexi leštěná do optiky