Plexiglas bonding

All the kinds of plexiglas can be bonded by using acrylic adhesives. However, these adhesives has practically nothing in common with superglues, but it is polymer and monomer, which remind liquid plexiglas. These adhesives are so called "double-part".
To make bonded joints with plexiglas is also possible with solvent adhesives solvent which etch a material surface and enable blending of bonded materials. These adhesives are so called "one-part".

Bonding by one-part adhesive

This bonding method is one of the easiest ones in the application, which is reflected by a lower price of realization. The adhesive is very thin and etches the material surface, which helps them to blend one into another and after evaporation of the adhesive is there created a relatively strong joint.

The usual disadvantage of this bonding type, that there can occur some bubbles in the joints. During evaporation, the adhesive tries to get out of the joints, which sometimes leads to the bubbles occurrence.

Bonding by double-part adhesive

To obtain strong, durable and optically pure joints it is required to select the right type of adhesive. The double-part bonding is a more complicated process than the one–part adhesive bonding, however, the final appearance of the joint and its strength is usually sensationally better after processing.