Recently, we have became owners of the laser equipment that is made by an Italian manufacturer SEI S.p.A. namely the model Mercury 609.

It is the most advanced and powerful laser device of this type for processing of plexiglas materials. Strong construction and applied technology enables highly precise processing. The laser power is so efficient that ray can burn even 50 mm thick plexiglas sheet. Laser is progressively equipped with linear motors, water-cooled mirrors, automatic diagnostics, extendable table, covering, fire extinguishing system, etc.

The laser is controlled by the latest version of program ICARO together with ICARO BLU upgrade BLU (LGP) lasering of so called. "Backlight" panels. By that we will ensure modern production of panels for any promotional purposes.

All the laser-components of our processing are annealed to remove an internal stress.

Laser Mercury 609 Laser Mercury 609 Laser Mercury 609 Laser Mercury 609